Salah received a heartbreaking break only at 7 Ballon d’Or

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Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah has opened up about his disappointment at missing the 2021 Ballon d’Or and has a 7-way vote, so wants to turn that repression into a powerhouse. Season 2021-22 Let’s be honest, the committee doesn’t dare to look past his head again.

The latest Golden Ball is Lionel Messi, with the main work being the Argentine national ufabet team to win the Copa America , including shooting a bomb in the final year as a Barcelona player, scoring nearly 500 votes .  

Salah ‘s side , because there is no trophy on hand, even if you press 37 goals, you won’t have the same prestige, therefore receiving 121 votes.

Of course, the 29 – year-old is not satisfied with how low the respect of the board is. One way angry But in one way, it’s fuel to fuel the thirst for the current season’s work.  

It’s fuel to fuel the thirst for the current season’s work.  

” Ballon d’Or results really shocked me, ” he opened his mouth to the ‘ Liverpool Echo ‘ .

“ I don’t want to say much about the past. But no one would have thought that I would rank as low as 7 , so it happened. ”  

“ I personally don’t think there are any conspiracy theories. But because there is no guaranteed option Plus, there are many nations who don’t even know where to vote through which channel. ” 

“ Asking me, I thought there was nothing to prove they were wrong. I really don’t know, just amazed by the results. ” 

Additionally, it was not included in the FIFA FIFPro ‘s 11 best players of the year despite the committee stuffing four forwards : Messi , Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert Lewan . Dovsky and Erling Berat Haaland are another clue that Egyptian players are worried about.

Dovsky and Erling Berat Haaland are another clue that Egyptian players are worried about

“ I’m not okay with dropping 11 players of the year. but unable to do anything. ” 

“ What satisfies me is probably the feeling of a lot of industry insiders saying I should be joining the team. ” 

“ I don’t think there’s something I personally don’t like – but that’s a fact that I have to deal with. ” 

‘ Bangmo ‘ has a grueling 2021-22 season , leading the English Premier League goalscorer , runner -up in the African Cup of Nations, Egypt’s national team Or fresh and hot , the Carabao Cup championship, and there are still 3 more trophies to win.