Neymar to leave Paris Saint-Germain this summer

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Former footballer Jerome Roten has suggested the time has come for Neymar to leave Paris Saint-Germain this summer.

The Brazil star, currently recovering from an ankle injury, has come under heavy criticism for his recent performance, with fans gathering outside his home in Paris, which Roten said the time had come. that Neymar will have to move away from the team after failing with the ufabet club

“Neymar has to go,” Roten said. “With everything that’s happened lately, he has to go. It goes on and on and today you saw that PSG fans, those who love PSG. Scheme, and even me as a person who loves the club Seeing so many flaws, they showed yesterday and will continue to express it.”

“Whether you go to the club’s headquarters, the training ground, in front of the Parc des Princes, OK, but at the same time don’t let it reach the train station. And I condemn the fact that they went all the way to the player’s house.

“They have family, friends, children, and everything has limits. I once had that experience too and with your son. your woman You must protect them. It must not go beyond that much.”

“I’m not disrespectful. But on the other hand, you can display a dissatisfied message saying that a player has to leave. It wasn’t just the management showing the players that they weren’t worth celebrating anymore. They have to go.”

“Neymar has been in the team for six years, he has every chance for five years, he failed, he is like Messi and bye.”