Rooney insists he won’t leave Derby despite being invited by Taffy for an interview

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Wayne Rooney, the young Derby County coach, insists he will not leave his job at Pride Park in the Championship. After falling into news with Everton last month.

Derby County have a chance of being relegate from the Championship ufabet. Into League One, very high. Because of the penalties deducted up to 21 points, however, Rooney had previously interviewed that he was ready to fight until the last minute. And despite being linked with the old team Everton. But Rooney did not consider leaving the Rams, that is why he refused to interview for a job at Goodison Park last month.

“I think I can now go into the Premier League and manage a top team,” Rooney said. “I’m not worried about that at all. I know what my strength is. And more importantly I know my weaknesses.” “I saw. When Benitez was sack and my name was link to Everton. The staff here start to worry if I had left. They will have to leave the club as well.” “I know they look at me. Try and help rebuild this team. I already spoke to the staff. I stand in front of you and I will be with you I think it’s huge for them.”