Ian Edward Wright has blamed Manchester United

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Arsenal legend Ian Edward Wright has blamed Manchester United for not letting Jesse Lingard leave the club this winter.

         The England midfielder has made it clear that he wants to move to another club in the winter to give him the chance to join the “Roaring Lions” squad for the World Cup in Qatar, with Newcastle and West Ham keen. got to join the team ufabet.

         However, in the end, the “Red Devils” blocked the players from moving out. Along with saying that the players asked for time off, which was referred to as controversial, which Ian Edward Wright criticized the actions of the club this time.

         “I don’t understand why they say that. A lot of people said he didn’t want to play for this club,” Wright said. “I think it’s unfair for what he wants to do. What he is trying to do in terms of leaving the club.”

         “He wanted to leave on loan, whatever, the club rejected him on loan for the year of the World Cup. With a club he might do well to give himself a chance to go to the World Cup.”

         “There are a lot of things that go wrong from both sides if you look at different things. because he wants to enter the field Obviously he wants to play and I think he should be on loan.”