Cascarino looks at the ghost now like a sleepwalker

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Ex-Chelsea forward Tony Cascarino sees Manchester United are now sleepwalking in the same way Liverpool did in the 90s.

         “Red Devils” fell out of the FA football round. Cup last Friday night Making this season likely to end up empty-hand again. Although still on the path of the UEFA Champions League. But from the past performance it will be difficult to reach the top. Including in the Premier League ufabet will have to fight for the top four only.

         The last time the team won the title was back in 2017. When Cascarino sees the Red Devils now in the same shape as the ’90s ‘Reds’, with some trophies but still far from chasing. Hunt for the Premier League title

         “There are things that you have to get right and challenges for the club to succeed and Manchester United feel they are sleepwalking for a long time,” Cascarino told talkSPORT.

         “It’s not just a matter of playing. It’s a different aspect of a football club that you have to focus on, Liverpool went through the same period in the 90s and into the 2000s. When they didn’t always win anything.

“They always fight. They won the Champions League under Rafael Benitez and they won other trophies with other managers, Gerard Houllier won some.

         “But they’re not Liverpool nowadays – they’re always up for the league title, OK. They’re behind Manchester City now, but they fight for the title.”

         “United don’t look that close and sometimes it will take a long time to find the right man, Man United went through a long period before Fergie, a period of stress and pain and changing managers and players. that goes in and out a lot.”

         “Under the Fergie era, the club’s success was a battle for trophies. And doing it – winning the Premier League and the Champions League – is the ultimate honor.”

         “But at the moment they feel like Manchester United’s success is only going through the Champions League, if you go to Old. It’s not Manchester United in the past, I know people call me dinosaurs. But it’s very different.”